Essex Boat Works, LLC


Pev & Jon

Andrea knows boats. She listened to our needs and wants and guided us through numerous options. We wanted a high end long range power cruiser; but for that requirement to be affordable we did not expect to purchase a newer model. That objective is not without risk, but Andrea has an experienced eye for design and functionality. As she showed us boats, we were impressed by how she quietly and methodically pointed out limitations as well as features of each vessel. She also freely shared her personal operational tips and access to her connections. As a result, in the months after we closed, we experienced no unpleasant surprises. Andrea is also an experienced ship captain and was extremely helpful advising us so we could quickly become proficient handling our "new" boat. We were able to immediately embark on trip from Florida to Maryland, uneventfully. Andrea is such a pleasure to work with! She doesn't try to sell, but rather helps you find the boat which best fits you and your family.” ...And she did it all during the peak period of COVID!

Pev & Jon

Jack and Andrea are so knowledgeable and helpful, going above and beyond what a normal broker would. From the listing, staging of the boat to get pictures just right, assisting as we get the boat in the best condition possible through negotiating the best deal, their experience is invaluable. To top it all off they bring a level of honesty and integrity to the process not often seen in the boat business. We look forward to working with the on our next boat search!!

Jenn & Darlene