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Buying My Boat

Don't go it alone   

Buying your boat can be one of the most important investments in your lifetime, often second only to buying your home. Determining what boat best fits your needs and then finding the best offering at the right price can be a challenging process and consume significant time. Aligning with a well-established, recognized and respected broker may be your best choice to guide you through the process. CPYB (Certified Professional Yacht Broker) certification means the broker has completed rigorous training, successfully completed demanding tests and maintains ongoing education keeping up with industry trends and guidelines. Our managing broker Bob Jarrett has experience in a broad array of yachts including quality cruising sailing and motor yachts, Trawlers, Raised Pilot House and Sportfisherman in all sizes. He has proven performance having assisted hundreds of buyers find and successfully purchase the right boat. Bob has held management positions with some of the country’s leading builders, dealers and brokerage firms and enjoys sharing his experience with his clients seeking a good boat. 

What is the right boat

To determine the right boat you must predict and or evaluate your needs. If you are an established boater this may be perfectly clear however it can be more challenging if you are new to boating. You need to think about how you will use your boat, necessary accommodations, performance, operating costs, maintenance requirements, slip or mooring parameters, resale, etc. Our experienced managing broker has been through this process with hundreds of families and can share many experiences that may aid in determining the right boat for you.

What is Pedigree 

When selecting a boat, you are adopting the reputation of the builder and the historical performance of the design. Often a reputable builder can provide valuable support and insight over the term of ownership. Some boats are well built and have withstood the test of time and the sea and others not so much. Our broker and full service yard experience  can provide valuable insight on virtually aany boat. Our crew with many years of hands on experience has pretty much seen it all.

Strong client relationships

Many of our client relationships truly last a lifetime. We have seen numerous families through multiple sale and purchase processes over many years of their boating careers. We are alwasy just a phone call away available for valuable guidance and advice.

Informative New Web Site

We have worked with leading web site development firms to create a site that is dynamic, easily navigated and loaded with valuable information for boat buyers and sellers alike. Make your go to site for information.

Market Intelligence

We utilize all of the industry resources which capture sold boat data and value analysis. We can see all current inventories and sold comps to help you determine the right price to offer on the boat you are seeking. Often we know where to find very desirable boats that may not have even made it to the market yet!

Global Reach

Our boat search reach is global so we can explore opportunities within the geographic range you wish to consider to find the right boat.

We know what to look for

Having managed over 500 transactions, our Managing Broker can lend valuable insight into common problem areas and frequent concerns associated with a particular builder or model of boat. These can be costly lessons to be avoided with the keen eye of an experienced broker.

Builder Relationships

It is valuable to have a direct line to key management with the boat builders you may be considering. This rapport directly with the people that built the boat can produce unique information on a particular boat. Bob enjoys this relationship with a number of leading builders and is eager to help.

New Construction

It can be beneficial to retain a broker in a new boat purchase or new construction. Acting on behalf of the buyer as his agent the added knowledge and time commitment the broker brings to the project can yield a better end result in many ways. Ask about this added service we provide at EBW.


We handle all aspects of negotiations over the course of a transaction. Always of course while conferring with our client through frequent communication. We generate Purchase and Sale Agreements and other needed documents and circulate them via a convenient digital signature format.

Closing and Documentation

Once an agreement is reached with a seller, we oversee survey and sea trial and resolve findings, perform closing preparations, lien satisfaction, documentation, and registry deletion required to properly convey ownership and secure clear title. We have long standing relationships with the leading surveyors, lenders, insurance companies and documentation firms to aid in the process.

After Sale Support, Service & Storage

Having been through the survey and purchase process we know the boat very well and can provide support and service to the new owner for years to come. It’s a nice feeling to have someone who knows your boat when a question or service need arises.